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    The Scriptures place great emphasis upon the second coming of Christ. It has been said, “There is more Scriptural authority for Christ’s second coming than for all the other doctrines of the Bible put together.” This statement soundly condemns the lack of interest shown by far too many of God’s people today towards this vital subject.


    The silence of most preachers on the theme of this blessed hope of the Church gives cause for great alarm, particularly when the signs of the times indicate that the coming of Christ is near.


    What we believe regarding this subject will matter a great deal in the not so distant future. The lack of interest in Christ’s second coming is a sure sign of a loss of first love for Jesus, and a spiritual apathy and lethargy among the people of God.


    Someone who noted the longing for Christ’s coming and the zeal for this truth in the first part of Church history, wrote, “It would have been deemed a kind of apostasy not to have sighed after the day of the Lord.” Those who have neglected the subject of our Lord’s second coming should repent and meditate afresh upon this blessed hope that purifies. 1Jn.3v3.


    The Scriptures warn us to take the subject of His Second coming very seriously. God warns us that judgement will fall upon those who misinterpret the book of Revelation and add to, or take away, its prophecies. Rev.22v18,19. An added secret rapture means an added judgement upon those who teach it. The subject of prophecy demands a teachable spirit, diligent study and trembling at the Word of God. 1Tim.4v14-16. 2Tim.2v15. Is.66v2.


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