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Seven Seals

The seals are the long story, ending with Jesus’ return to earth. The trumpets are the short story, ending at the same place. And the vials are the very short story ending at the same event. These categories, like the four gospels, tell the same story from four different perspectives. The sixth seal, the seventh trumpet and the seventh vial, describing voices, thunders, great hail, lightning and God’s wrath, all agree, and all deal with the brief period of time between the end of the tribulation and the coming of Jesus Christ to gather His elect.

Revelation Chapters 6-7

In Revelation chapter 6, the Lamb opens the scroll by breaking the seals, revealing images of war, death and famine. The saints of God ask for vengeance because they have been killed for their faith.

The first four seals are four horses, which are four “spirits” (Zechariah 6:5). The white horse is the “spirit” of Catholicism. The Pope has white robes, white car, white pope mobile, white helicopter, and white airplane. The red horse is the “spirit” of communism. The officially recognized color of Communism is red. The black horse is the “spirit” of Capitalism. The officially recognized color of Capitalism is black. The pale (chloros or green) horse is the “spirit” of Islam. Death and hell followed. The pale horse is given power over 1/4 of the earth.