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    Monthly Archives: August 2014

    Don’t be Fooled by Layers of “Non-Biblical Interpretation”
    The Book of Daniel is said to be the anchor book of End Time Prophecy. But it is a book that has been seriously questioned and rejected by the critics and many “so called” Christian views such as Preterits, Dispensationalists, Pre-Tribbers and now Pre-Wrath.

    But Sir Isaac Newton made this statement: “To reject Daniel is to reject the Christian religion.” And that is a solid statement. In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus quoted from the Book of Daniel, and in Matthew 24:15 He called him “Daniel the prophet,” saying, When you see the “abomination of desolation,” spoken of by Daniel the prophet…

    Paul speaks of “the man of sin.” And if you are going to know anything at all about the “man of sin,” you will have to turn back to the Book of Daniel for clarification of this term. The Book of Revelations and Daniel fit hand in hand along with rest of the End Time Chapters.

    The extreme higher critics say Daniel was written at a later date, Preterits say it’s fulfilled, Dispensationalists and Pre-Tribbers say it’s only for the Jews and now Pre-Wrath is re-writing the Book to fit into their new 30 year old new found view. The Book of Daniel, like the rest of the Bible Strongly Testifies to a Post-Tribulation Pre-Millennium View. So they do everything they can to bring in new strange interpretations.

    Please beware of this, there are lots of wild interpretations online right now. Such as, Daniel 9 is fulfilled and there isn’t a 70th week. (Does midst of the week mean anything??? and all the references in Dan. & Rev.) Besides the new views adapting scripture to fit their views, watch out for Preterits and extreme Historical views which put everything in the past. Remove not the Ancient Land Marks of (Solid Biblical Doctrine).




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